Sunday, 16 February 2014

Inca Kisses Fun

I haven't been around for a while and I'm ashamed to say I have fallen behind with my crochet mood blanket. I was absorbed in another crochet project for a little while that I was very proud to be a part of.
 Heather from over at Keep Calm and Crochet On UK was kind enough to let me test a gorgeous beanie pattern that she was working on. The top part of the beanie was smooth sailing and I fell in love with my colour choices.

When it came to the kisses section I started to have some trouble. It all came down to my technique. My seam was not travelling and it caused my kisses to look like K's.

Once I got my seams travelling the pattern came together for me...

...and it was all smooth sailing from then.

My youngest daughter claimed this beanie when I was only a few rows in to it and she was so excited when she came home from school to find me making the braids one afternoon. Never mind that it is summer here, she wore it up to the shops and we received heaps of compliments on it.
 I am happy to announce that Heather has just released the pattern over on her Ravelry and Craftsy stores and has a sale going on as well. So go check it out!

Note: Blogger is not allowing me to add links to Heathers stores, but if you click on her blog link in the second paragraph you will find links to her store.