Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week 4

It has been a busy week with work and getting the kids organised to go back to school tomorrow after a relaxing six week break. The kids are excited to see who their new teachers are this year and I have a very impatient new high schooler who has been waiting for this day for two years.
 My mood blanket is growing beautifully and I have learnt to live with the colour quirks.

Day 22 - Tired.

Day 23 - Lucky.

Day 24 - Sad.

Day 25 - Energetic.

Day 26 - Loved.

Day 27 - Loving.

Day 28 - Excited!

I have done a rough estimate of my bed and it looks like I will need about 207 rows to fit my bed perfectly. I intend to do another five rows of border and the rest of the days of the year will be spent making cushions to go on my bed. I think I may mix it up a little and incorporate some granny squares and ripples into my cushions for a little bit of variety. What I love about this project is that the possibilities are endless!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week 3

As my blanket is growing I am loving it more and more! This week saw the last of my mood colours eventually worked into my granny stripe. I also realised that I am a little more complex then I thought. I couldn't be bothered to choose more colours so I am thinking I may add more moods to certain colours. I can't believe I didn't add a colour for creative! 
Here is this weeks progress.

Day 15 - Lucky.

Day 16- Excited.

Day 17 - Angry.

Day 18 - Sad.

Day 19 - Happy.

Day 20 - Energetic.

Day21 - Happy.

The one thing I am not looking forward to is the weaving in of all those ends. Tomorrow I am going to spend time weaving in as many as I can. Then I need to make sure I weave in ends every day so I don't get so overwhelmed!
 Next week I will make sure I get a good photo in natural light. I am usually trying to avoid shadows under harsh lights and my blanket is not showing up as spectacular as it is in real life. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week 2

As it's already day 15 over here in Australia, I'm running late with keeping updated about my progress for the crochet mood blanket CAL. So without further ado, here is week two!

Day 8 - Happy.

Day 9 - Sad.

Day 10 - Loved.

Day 11 - Tired.

Day 12 - Tired.

Day 13 - Bored.

Day 14 - Happy.

I wasn't sure about the orange and pink together. I thought it clashed but the lovely ladies over on the Facebook page assured me that it looked fine. The hardest thing is learning to live with the colour clashes. After all, it's all about your mood for the day. Any OCD tendencies, no matter how small, need to be pushed aside for this project. Now I'm a few rows beyond it I no longer even notice it. I love the blanket progress as a whole. 
Be sure to check out the #crochetmoodblanket2014 tag over on Instagram. The blankets being made by all these talented ladies are amazing!

Crochet Mood Blanket - Week 1

A few days before the new year I was I doing my usual daily blog reading when I read on Crochetime about a new crochet along that was about to start on the first of January. Even though I have a list of projects as long as my arm that need completing, this was one I could not pass up. A CAL that ran all year long that consisted of making a square or row of a blanket either daily or weekly that represented the mood you were feeling that day/week. I quickly decided on doing Lucy's granny stripe from Attic 24 as I have been wanting to do it for a while  now. So I sat down and figured out the ten most felt feelings I have and went out to buy some yarn. Then as the CAL was being hosted over at Instagram I went and joined up and learnt the basics. Then a Facebook page was opened up.

To start with assigning colours, I looked at a colour mood chart but the colours didn't appeal to me. I wanted to have a beautiful bright and cheery blanket. So I picked out ten colours that fit the bill and went well together. Then I assigned them a mood.

January 1st came around quickly and with a lot of excitement I got to start my queen sized blanket.

Day 1 - Excited.

Day 2 - Happy.

Day 3 - Tired.

Day 4 - Energetic.

Day 5 - Loved.

Day 6 - Stressed.

Day 7 - Happy.

So far I am keeping up pretty well with the CAL except for a few days where I went to Sydney for a break and was too busy to pick up my hook to complete a row. 
I'm really enjoying this CAL and if you would like to follow my progress throughout the year feel free to give me a virtual kick up the butt if I get tardy with my weekly updates. 
You can also follow my progress on Instagram with #contentedcrochet or follow everyone's progress with #crochetmoodblanket2014. If you would like to join in on this fun ride you can get all the details with #mummy_stacey.

Sunday, 12 January 2014


My mothers next door neighbour likes to give me piles of her crafty makes and bits and bobs every time she has a clean out of her crafty area. I'm always happy when this happens because who doesn't love crafty bits and bobs?
 She has some very cute ideas but unfortunately doesn't follow through with the finishing off of her projects. Which really let her down. It usually ends with her projects unravelling some like this knitted bunting.

It is just joined together with knots that have become undone while sitting in her craft bin. I am hoping that if I can seperate the pieces without them coming undone, I can add some crochet goodness and turn it into a lovely bunting to hang at my mantle piece.

These little quilted hearts also are going to be made into bunting. This time for my kitchen.

I got a lovely pile of these small hessian bags. I am thinking I might take off the embellishments. Add Chritmas crochet ones instead and use them for swaps to put tree ornaments in.

This one I love! My mum has been teaching my 10 yr old dd to sew and she has gotten pretty good at it. One day my mum and dd were making those little circle yoyo thingies when her neighbour saw them and asked if they could make her some. That flower picture was the result. Neither my mum or daughter wanted the picture. I think it's a great keepsake of my daughters first crafty pursuit.

Here are some other bits I also got. I'm going to paint the wooden house and hang it in my craft area to store my stitch markers. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the wooden hearts but I like the little dove picture.
 I was also given a huge bag of little cushions and wall hangings. 
This one is my favourite.

It is currently hanging in my dining room.

Later on I will be posting about another project I have started. Last night I had the blog post written and forgot to save it before I went looking for the links and lost it all. Mobile blogging is the pits!
Have a happy crafty day!