Sunday, 12 January 2014


My mothers next door neighbour likes to give me piles of her crafty makes and bits and bobs every time she has a clean out of her crafty area. I'm always happy when this happens because who doesn't love crafty bits and bobs?
 She has some very cute ideas but unfortunately doesn't follow through with the finishing off of her projects. Which really let her down. It usually ends with her projects unravelling some like this knitted bunting.

It is just joined together with knots that have become undone while sitting in her craft bin. I am hoping that if I can seperate the pieces without them coming undone, I can add some crochet goodness and turn it into a lovely bunting to hang at my mantle piece.

These little quilted hearts also are going to be made into bunting. This time for my kitchen.

I got a lovely pile of these small hessian bags. I am thinking I might take off the embellishments. Add Chritmas crochet ones instead and use them for swaps to put tree ornaments in.

This one I love! My mum has been teaching my 10 yr old dd to sew and she has gotten pretty good at it. One day my mum and dd were making those little circle yoyo thingies when her neighbour saw them and asked if they could make her some. That flower picture was the result. Neither my mum or daughter wanted the picture. I think it's a great keepsake of my daughters first crafty pursuit.

Here are some other bits I also got. I'm going to paint the wooden house and hang it in my craft area to store my stitch markers. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the wooden hearts but I like the little dove picture.
 I was also given a huge bag of little cushions and wall hangings. 
This one is my favourite.

It is currently hanging in my dining room.

Later on I will be posting about another project I have started. Last night I had the blog post written and forgot to save it before I went looking for the links and lost it all. Mobile blogging is the pits!
Have a happy crafty day!

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