Thursday, 13 September 2012

My Filet Swap Project Came!

The swaps at Crochetville are always a highlight for me! When the swap schedule gets posted for the year I can always be found at my table with a pen, pad and calendar deciding which swaps I want to join. It's always a fun hour until too many overlap and I need to decide which ones would be more fun and in my price range. Of course during the year when certain swaps open I decide to join extra swaps that are not on my list. The filet swap was one of those swaps this year.

Well earlier this week my parcel came in the mail. I am always excited to receive mail but swap packages are extra special. The delivery lady came very early. Long before the kids went to school. Which they were thrilled about when they saw the huge bag of tootsie rolls. Some even went to school so the kids friends could try our favourite American candy. Needless to say they are long gone now.

Along with my candy I also recieved a square for my friendship-ghan.

I love it. I am fasinated with the stained glass window squares.

I also received a square from my swap partners mum. Her mum could not get the pattern right so they did an exchange. My swap partner would make a square and her mum would weave in all those ends on her filet project. What a great exchange! Linda will you come be my mum? I hate weaving in ends too.
Here is the square my partner made for her mum to give to me.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Of course there was also my swap project! I had asked for anything with an owl on it. I am in love with my new owl!

It was meant to be a square but turned out alot bigger. So it is a table scarf now. But I am worried it will get ruined on my table. My kids are messy little monsters and I'm a total klutz. So I have a vague idea of turning it into a large pillow for my bed or somehow incorporating it into a bedspread. I/m not sure yet but at the moment it is safely packed away and brought out on a daily basis to be admired by myself and anyone who comes to visit us at the cottage.

Thank You Rene' for being my swap partner.

As soon as I have official confirmation that my filet package has reached it's destination I will post some photo's.


  1. Great squares and filet project! You could also make the owl into a wall hanging or even a curtain. It could billow and fly in the wind :)

  2. That puts a great image in my head and would be so pretty.