Wednesday, 18 September 2013

I'm Back!

Being without a computer really sucks when you want to blog. Trying to write a blog on the iphone is stressful. Especially if the iphone is like mine and likes to protest the abuse it unintentionally recieves. I'm sure it limits my use by frequently freezing on purpose. So this week I managed to get myself a tablet on the cheap. I am enjoying it so far except for its short battery life. Today a message popped up on screen saying to plug in my charger because I only had 14% battery life left. About 90 seconds later the tablet shut off! What is with that?

It has been a whole six months since my last post. Even though I have been crocheting in that time, I have only managed to complete one project. I joined a scarf/cowl swap on the 'Our crochet and furbabies' facebook page. I picked out a gorgeous cowl on Ravelry called the Chevron Infinity Cowl by Pam Daley Designs. I used Bernat Mosaic in Fantasy and fell in love with both the yarn and the pattern. As a bonus my swap partner also loved it!
In return my partner sent me a wonderfully soft scarf. I have no idea what the yarn is called but it is a verigated thicker yarn with eyelash yarn incorporated into it. I have a very hard time keeping my daughter from walking off with it!

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