Saturday, 16 August 2014

Gorgeous Giraffes!

Ive spent a good chunk of my time these past few months testing patterns for some very talented designers. My first test after I moved in to my new house was the 'Spot the Giraffe Blanket' for the amazingly talented Heather Gibbs.
 When I saw the photo that went along with the call out, there was no way I could refuse! 
 So started a crazy couple of weeks making squares ever spare moment I could find.

Then came the fun part! Crocheting the numerous little pieces that would make up the giraffes. I was sure all that sewing would do my head in; but those squares were worth all the pain that came with them.

I whip stitched those squares in to rows of two...

... and joined them together as I went. I took my blanket on night shift with me so I could work on it and meet my deadline. I also found that it would be my downfall. Turns out my attention to detail is not up to par at 3am. 

I was happily working on my border when I spotted my huge error! (Ok maybe not too huge, but it seemed that way to a perfectionist tester). I ripped out half of my completed border before messaging my designer to practically beg her not to use my photos and tell her I planned to pull it apart and fix my error. Heather being the awesome person she is, talked me in to not being too hasty. After a calming nights rest I agreed with her. Of course that meant reworking the border I had ripped apart.

The giraffe blanket has been the most eventful test I have done yet. Although flawed, I absolutely love it. I could not bring myself to sell it without rearranging those squares; so it is now put away, ready to be used as a prop blanket.

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