Monday, 1 October 2012

Crochet Abundance

Usually when I overburden myself with crochet projects that all have deadlines I tend to get a little stressed out. But this month I am finding my projects exciting and my biggest concern is that I am going to suffer from crochet ADHD. I keep flitting from one project to another and back again.

 This month I am juggling a couple of swaps. One of which has a deadline for next week for shipping. I am not stressing about my cosy swap. It is coming along nicely and I can see the finish line up ahead. The thing is, I am enjoying it too much! I adore the way it is turning out and there is a fine line with extra little added details and overcrowding. I am trying not to cross the boundary but don't want the project to end.

My other swap is the Winter Scarf/Cowl swap. I have my pattern all picked out and have ordered the yarn so I am waiting impatiently for it to arrive. In the mean time I am getting to know my swap partner.

I heard about a brilliant CAL at Ravelry called Calling All Crocheters that is quite different. Instead of everyone working on the same project, the moderators of the group choose a pattern for you and you have a month to complete it. Those moderators must be extremely busy. Everyone in my month are overjoyed with the patterns that had been picked for them. For such great fits, those girls must spend a huge amount of time stalking the participants and finding the perfect pattern for each. For my first project I was given the Fat Bottomed Owl Bag. I had a hard time choosing the perfect colours for bag. I managed to find four balls of variegated yarn that remind me of a barn owl. Plus I am going to try my hand at lining it. It will be used as a project bag. I almost forgot to mention that there is also a Calling All Knitters group.

I have joined another group at Ravelry especially for Australian swappers but I have yet to see a swap that inspires me. There was a monthly square swap happening but it looks like that has come to a stand still for now.

I have pledged two 12" squares for our newest biggest square over at Crochetville's Friendship-ghan CAL. I picked out and printed the patterns this morning and worked on one while on the way to shopping 15 minutes away.
 On top of all this, I just found out the sex of a friends baby and must make a start on some items for little Maddox. He is not due until early February, but I know from experience that when the kids are on Christmas holidays for six weeks of summer, I usually have to leave my crochet for when they are sleeping because we do lots of outdoor family fun stuff.

Speaking of Christmas, a couple of weeks ago I started a Christmas bunting. I was inspired by Lucy at Attic 24's holiday bunting. It's no secret that I am not a fan of hand sewing, so instead I graphed out my lettered pennants and spent some time learning the proper technique for afghan stitch colour changes. I am very happy with how my first pennant turned out. The lines are so clear.

Soon I will upload photo's of the filet swap I posted out. I am happy to hear my swap partner liked her package.


  1. I love your use of the afghan stitch for your lettering. So clear and easy to read!

  2. Thank you! I started out doing single crochet but the colour changes are never very neat. I figured out now was as good a time as any to learn Tunisian graphing. I am pleased how it turned out.

  3. Your banner is going to be great! Your description of your cosy ideas sound so much like mine. Where's Scotty when we need him? If only we could beam things back and forth, lol. I'm heading over to Ravelry to check out the group you mentioned. Sounds fun. Happy Hookin' :)