Saturday, 6 October 2012

Filet Project - Complete!

This post is very late in coming. But every project deserves it's ta-dah moment! Last month I completed and sent out the filet project I had been working on for my swap partner over at the 'Ville. It was the first time I had attempted filet crochet and I must say it is a little addictive. But I think I may view all crochet in that way.

 Once I decided what I was making I had trouble finding a pattern I liked. In the end I designed my own symmetrical pattern. That was an experience in itself. As relaxing as filet crochet is I ran into some difficulties through lack of basic counting. I have a terrible habit of not counting stitches (or in this case squares) as I go. So when I thought I had almost completed my project I noticed my last row of filled squares did not look right. So six rows of crochet was ripped out and I made sure I counted carefully from there.

Not long after that I had completed my first filet square.

Of course what does a girl who hates sewing decide to do?

Turn it into a cushion of course! What a nightmare experience that turned out to be. But I persevered...

...and ended up with an adorable angel cushion. Overall I am very happy with how it turned out and my sewing was not too bad. When it came time to pack it for shipping to America the cushion insert came out. When I had everything ready to go I realised I could not find my filet bookmark I had made as a practise piece before we had received our partners. So I pulled out my pattern again and made another in variegated pink/white/purple thread.

I must say that filet crochet is easier to see in plain colours. The first bookmark I had made in purple and you could see the pattern clearly. In case you can't tell, pattern is three hearts. I will definitely be making more filet projects in the future.


  1. They both turned out so well! I have yet to try filet crochet. What kind of paper did you graph your project on?

  2. Nothing special Maria. I printed off graph paper from the Internet. It's great with the A4 paper because if you need more squares/rows you can just snip what you need from another piece and glue it on. Works a treat.