Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bernat CAL: Temperature Scarf-January

I was excited to see this years Bernat CAL/KAL. Last years mystery blanket still sits unfinished until I can find some time in my busy schedule. So to find this year that we get to work on it all year is great.
As per usual I was late to the game but the official starting date was February 1st. I sat down to figure out the lowest and highest temps in my town over a year. Broke it down into 5.c increments and then used a colour wheel that has warm to cool colours and picked my colours accordingly. I ordered my Caron Simply Soft yarn in ten colours and it was delivered a few days later.
My colours are:
Lt Country Blue
Berry Blue
Dk Country Blue and
Vanilla for a border colour.
If I followed the directions to the letter I would have a ridiculously long scarf at the end of 365 days. I have decided to only work one row each day not two to make a more manageable scarf. I am loving the progress I have made on it. As well as the fact that I am up to date. Let's hope I can stay that way!

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  1. Those colors are fantastic. Let's hope your scarf is still human size by the time you're done. lol