Monday, 4 March 2013

Projects and Puppies

One of the things I love about working in a nursing home is that when one of your family members are sick you are not allowed back to work for 48 hours after the last episode. Most single mums stress over what they are going to do with their sick kids during work hours while we have the comfort of knowing I will always be able to stay with them.
Last week my DD came down with a bug. It didn't last very long but with the 48 hour rule I got in a few days of much needed crochet time without the constant interruptions of, "Muummm" coming from upstairs. It was a very productive time.
Some of the projects are going oversea's so I can not post photo's yet. This is what I can show you.
My temperature scarf with February completed. I really must get onto those ends. As you can see we have not had much difference in our temps for February compared to January.

This gorgeous love bug ami. It will soon be sent overseas to a very cute two year old. It is meant to have a heart on it's belly but it would not go on straight no matter how many times I tried. In the end I decided to leave it off instead of somehow destroying my very first completed ami project.

An American friend had a little baby boy last month and I am making a car seat blanket for him. I received the yarn for it yesterday morning but had promised myself that I would finish a granny square for my swap partner before I started. Luckily the square was finished in no time. This was how far I got on the blanket yesterday. I am loving the bright colors and I'm hoping bubba will love the visual stimulation.

The other exciting news is that my gorgeous maltese x shihtzu girl had her puppies on the 1st of March. A date I will not forget as my eldest DD keeps reminding me they share a birthday with Ron Weasley from Harry Potter.
My Missy had three gorgeous girls. We have decided to keep the brown and tan one. Her name is Coco and Molly the white and black one will be going to join my mums family. The cute white and brown one might be going home with one of my work mates as a surprise for her newly widowed mum.
They are quite the handful. Climbing out of their bed and I was surprised to find them already wrestling. Not being able to see or hear hasn't stopped them. Perhaps the cutest thing is the way they sleep together though. We are very excited to watch them grow over the next couple of months.

EDITED TO ADD: The car seat blanket pattern can be found at


  1. Hi, busy lady! The Temp Scarf is looking great. Was "Maltesex" typed on purpose? LOL. What pattern are you using for the car seat blanket? I love the colors. And that lovebug is too adorable. Post lots of pics of the pups!

  2. Lol. I downloaded the blogger app so I could add photo's to my blog while I am computer-less. It doesn't have spell check. :-)
    Thank you for the lovely comments on my projects. The app won't let me copy and paste into the comment section so I'll add the link to the post. It's very easy though. Just a row of single crochet followed by one of crossed double crochet.
    Don't worry I will post plenty of photo's of the puppies!