Monday, 10 December 2012

A CAL of Our Own

One of my swap partners from the 'Ville and I got to talking on Facebook one day about bags/totes and showed off our 'Must Make' bag patterns that we had been admiring. After oohing and ahhing for a while over each others choices we decided it would make a great two person Crochet ALong. So dates were set for the future and excitement was high.

Yarn was purchased and the day before the CAL was to start we set some basic perimeters. We were to work on our bag for one day a week only. Being an international CAL, Maria would work on her bag on a Saturday which would be my Sunday and we were to post photo's of our progress at the end of the night.

I figured this would be a fast and easy project. My bag 'The tartan fat bottom bag', tutorial by BobWilson123, is worked in mesh then has chains threaded through. Well I was right with the easy, but fast it is not. With the demands of my kids it has been very slow progress! But I am happy with the results so far. We are four weeks in and if I pick up the pace I am hoping to have my bag completed for Christmas.

Here is the progress so far:


The light was not the best so it does not show the colours to the best advantage.


As you can see not much progress happened that day. I'm not sure what kept me away from crochet, but with our hot summer days we were probably at the pool.



I just love the colours I chose for this bag. The week two photo is an accurate representation of the colour I had chosen.


The mesh section is now complete. The next part is making all those dreaded chains to weave through. This coming Sunday is going to be FUN FUN FUN!


  1. Nice job! I'm really curious about how it will look in the end. I could just Google the pattern, but I think I'll wait for the great reveal instead. Keep cool :)

  2. It's gonna be pretty! I linked the pattern in my post but I'm happy for you to wait!

  3. Sounds like a great project. Love the idea of a partner to keep you motivated.