Friday, 21 December 2012

The Countdown is On.

We have three sleeps until Santa comes and I still have stockings to complete!
Thankfully the pattern I had picked out is easy and fast to do. I could comfortably finish one stocking a day if my day was not taken up by demanding children and animals.
On that front, I have set them up with various crafts but they are sick of them already and we are only three days into their six weeks of school holidays. I finally gave in to my kids plea's to let them open their Wii last night as an early present. It wasn't a very hard decision though. Last week my youngest son and my nephews were sure they saw a snake in the old outside dunny which my landlord has filled with planks of wood and other building supplies. Of course it could have been a lizard, but the snakes are out in force this year. A lady in my street came home from work last week to find a brown snake in her house.With their cross breeding they are more dangerous than ever. So until the vines and shrubs are cut back my kids are housebound. Happily their favourite Wii game is Just Dance.

 I have completed one stocking and have three more to finish. I love the finished project! This is Miss 9's purple stocking.

As my other three are all worried I won't finish Their stocking, I thought I would make them all together. I have completed the leg section on Miss 11's Harry Potter Griffindor stocking, Master 7's bright orange and blue stocking and am now working on Mister 12's black and maroon stocking. An hour of working in all black and I should hopefully be on to the heels.

Better get on with it. I hope every one is enjoying the lead up to Christmas!


  1. Your kids have great sense of color. The stockings look wonderful. Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes they do! I managed to finish them late last night but have not taken photos yet. The kids were thrilled with them :-)