Monday, 3 December 2012


It was quite a surprise to visit my blog and realise my last post was way back in October! My how things get away from you when you are having fun! I am hoping that I don't go so far between blog posts in future.

Things have been very busy and full on here in the cottage. As some of you would know, back in October I started an intensive five week introductory course in Aged Care. It consisted of three days in the class room and one day on the floor every week. I am happy to report that my five weeks was up last week. I passed all my book work with flying colours and just handed in my paperwork yesterday to go on a three week probationary traineeship with our local nursing home. If all goes well, after these next three weeks I will be officially offered a traineeship for the next two years, ending in being a fully qualified Assistant in Nursing. Exciting stuff!!

I have one months break from school work so I am spending my time catching up on all my crochet projects that have practically been abandoned during the past weeks. I have sent out puffies with squares that were pledged ages ago and sat around in their incomplete state for far too long. Photo's to come when they have reached their new owners.
I have a poor snowman who still only has a section of his head completed.

Stockings for my four children to make...

My kids don't do normal Christmas colours.

...and a Merry Christmas sign that will probably be abandoned until next year

Why can't the month of December have eight weeks?


  1. I love the colors your kids chose. Like you, I won't be able to make the banner this year. I'll make some squares per month maybe and put them together next December. Congrats on your work progress :)

  2. Sounds like your course work is going great! It is amazing how fast time flies.

    The colors look wonderful.