Friday, 15 November 2013

Little Lovelies for Little Ladies

At the beginning of the year I made a cute lovebug for my friends daughter. Of course it then sat on my mantle for many a month waiting to be sent to its new little owner over in the UK. Then it sat a little longer still. 
 Fast forward to several weeks ago and my friend had sent out a request to her Aussie friends for someone to send her cute toddler daughter a stuffed koala. Said toddler had received a koala chocolate in the mail and fell in love with our native furry mammal. I jumped at the chance. A couple of weeks previously I had seen talking koalas for sale in my local post office and had thought of my friends two little girls. I figured it would also get me to finally send the lovebug that was still sitting on my mantle piece. 
 Well today the little ladies package finally went out. The lovebug will now get its hugs from the littlest sister while I know the bigger sister will love her koala. 
 Of course I sent a few extra things for the girls. I remembered that when I was growing up we all had little koalas that could grab on to things using a little mechanism in the back to make him open his claws. We had ours holding on to the curtain so it looked like it was climbing it, or attached to our dressing table mirror. I managed to find them quite easily on Ebay. I sent over one each for the girls so their mum could find something for them to cling on to until the girls are old enough to play with them.
 I hope the girls get as much fun out of their package as I did putting it together!

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