Friday, 15 November 2013

Setting up the Crafting Area

My youngest three children have called the attic home ever since we moved here at the beginning of last year. A few weeks ago they started talking about swapping rooms around. My eldest son has the biggest room in the house, which I didn't mind because I fell in love with my quaint little room off the kitchen. It is made of brick and light paneling. Has huge shelves to store my yarn and an old ornamental fireplace.
 That was until around this time last year when I brought myself a sewing machine and dreamt of setting up a crafting area that was big enough to keep the sewing machine set up permanently. My son, who is also attached to his room (he has the big tv unit and his own lounge) adamantly refused to swap. Short of changing rooms while he was at school ( that furniture is heavy and I wasn't that desperate) I figured I'd have to wait until some kids left home to have the privilege of my own crafting oasis.
 That was until my eldest daughter who has a great imagination, found out we have a cellar under our house and the hatch to get there was somewhere under the carpet in my room. She convinced my youngest daughter to move into the room with her and my eldest son was happy to have his little brother share his bunk bed. Which left them to convince me. Not that I needed convincing. A whole attic to myself! I just like hearing their arguments for the move.
 My only concern was how I was going to get my queen size mattress up my steep steps and where I was going to put my faithful old recliner. It is way too heavy to attempt putting it upstairs unfortunately.

But where there's a will, there's a way. I am not exaggerating when I say that mattress was dragged up those stairs almost folded in half when we reached the corner section. I thought for sure someone would tumble down the stairs or that i would never be able to stand up straight again. My poor back felt the strain. But eventually we managed to get it up the stairs. 
 That night, with only the beds having been swapped over, I dreamed if how I was going to set up my attic. It runs the length of the house and even though it is all open, it gives three distinctive spaces. One side of the attic gets more light then the other so it has become my crafting area. Or at least the beginning of one. The furtherest space is my sleeping area and in the middle is a small sitting area where I have my old small tv.
My old recliner went into the lounge room and I have one of the seats from my corner lounge upstairs. It is nowhere near finished being set up, but I'm enjoying my little hide away.
 Of course if I didn't keep getting distracted by all the pretty I would be able to get it finished. 
Next up on my list is carting all my bags of yarn upstairs and getting them set up in my book cases. 
 Here's a little peak at what's been done so far.

I can't wait to get it finished!

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