Thursday, 21 November 2013

Stormy Days and Crochet...

...makes for a pretty good day to me I think. Well that was before I came down with a bug so I have packed up my swap partners crochet until I feel better.
 Lucky for me, my swap partner over at The Global Square Exchange on Ravelry was on top of things and she sent out my package very quickly. I was amazed at how fast it came over from the UK. Naturally mine will be sent out just before the deadline!
 I am totally in love with my little package. My partner Caroline managed to incorporate everything I love into my package. Crochet, cottages, Jane Austen and my newest love, Dr Who. 
 Part of our list of things to send was two squares of our partners choice. My requested squares were for 6" flower squares, the flowers could be any colours but the background was to be brown. My partner sent me the perfect squares.

As well as the perfect everything else.

I have not put my Christmas tree up yet so my crochet pudding and felt star are hanging up at my attic window.
 Note: Can you believe we now have two discount shops in town and I can not buy felt anywhere! I asked if they were planning to restock and they said they were not sure. Where is a crafty lady meant to get her supplies quickly?

A lavender bookmark cross stitch kit!

A Jane Austen fridge magnet with one of her most famous Pride and Prejudice quotes. Plus a little book filled with quotes from her books. I adore the illustrations. They would make the perfect paper cutting designs. 

If you don't know what paper cutting is, you must check it out! I'm asking Santa for a starter kit.

This is my gorgeous embroidery cottage. Caroline chose it for me because it reminds her of a cottage in the woods near her home where she frequently has family picnics. If that didn't make me envious enough she then went on to explain how these woods surround a large manor house that was a filming location for Pride and Prejudice! I jumped on Google and straight away recognised Basildon Park as the exterior shots of Netherfield Park in the 2005 film. Exciting stuff!

Here it is in its final resting place above my crafting table so I can admire it daily.
 Along with all these goodies I received chocolate and tea which did not last long enough for photo time. Caroline also sent all of my little family a Dr Who figurine each. 

Before handing out their packets I made them promise that if any of them got the 10th Doctor they had to swap with me. I was lucky enough to find my Doctor in my packet so no swapping necessary. There was a little disappointment when no one had the 11th Doctor and more so when my 9th Doctor loving youngest daughter found out her brother got her Doctor. As my kids have yet to see the older seasons, I had to assure her that the Doctor figurine she received was pretty awesome from what I could remember of my childhood viewing.

The 10th Doctor takes his job of protecting my owl money box seriously!
 Thank you Caroline for being such an awesome swap partner. I hope that you enjoy my package as much as I did yours when I finally get it finished and sent out.

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