Thursday, 23 August 2012

Graphing those Afghans

I was really excited yesterday to recieve my much anticipated Susan Bates afghan hook in the post. They can be really hard to come by here so I was very happy to find a place in Australia to buy them online. Along with the corded hook I also purchased a magnetic board.

 Last year in one of the many swaps I participated in, my partner had a magnetic board on her wishlist. I purchased one for her from an American site and had it shipped straight to her address. I had never seen one before and coveted it so badly! I checked our online stores and they were rediculously pricey. So imagine my excitment when I found one in the same online shop I found my hook, for a very reasonable price.

After I had purchased it, it was time to start finding charts for my kids afghans. I had absolutely no luck with them. My pre-teen boy wanted something to do with one of his many games. My pre-teen daughter wanted something to fuel her Harry Potter obsession. My youngest daughter wanted her favourite character from 'Once Upon A Time' and my youngest son wanted, Homer, from 'The Simpsons'.
 Then I stumbled upon a brilliant site that turns photo's into cross stitch charts. If you haven't seen 'Stitch a Photo' before, you must check it out!

Yesterday while I had four sick children home from school we sat at the computer and searched for photo's that the children would like. I found photo's for three of my children. We are having a hard time finding a good one for my eldest son. I am trying to talk him into a zombie blanket as that is his newest obsessions. But he wants to keep searching first.

I do not want to use too many colours, so I turned the Rumpy (as we affectionately call him) and the Harry Potter photo's to black and white in photobucket before we put it through the program. The Rumpy photo turned out excellent,

A clear photo of Rumpy.
but I may redo the Harry Potter again.

As the Homer photo only has a few colours in it, I left it as it was.

 I think I will be starting the Homer one first as there is not as many colour changes.

I still have some projects to finish off before I can start and I just joined the tea cosie swap on Crochetville as well. Plus I need to rewatch some video's on Youtube for correct colour changes in tunisian stitch. I have only made graphghans in single crochet before so this will be an adventure!


  1. wow, it's look like an hard work!
    I can't wait to see them finished :O)!!

  2. I'll be sure to post my progress so you can keep up!