Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Special Art Project - Take One!

 I have mentioned in another post how I am collecting owls for my Special Art Project. I think I have also mentioned how I am not very artistic. Because of this fact I have had a great big canvas sitting in my room for the last few months waiting for me to pull out my unopened painting supplies brought especially for this project.

 Well a couple of days ago I received two adorable owl appliques in the mail and they were calling out for a new home. Out came the art supplies.

I mentioned I am not artistic right? Yes? Just checking.

Well I jumped straight in. I drew a fantastic (if I do say so myself) new home for my owls. I was on cloud nine, so sure I had tapped into an as yet, unknown, needed much practise, but happy to learn, new skill.

Not artistic? Ha! I rock!!

I painted that sucker in and it looked brilliant. Even the kids praised my work.

Then and only then did I realise that I was so impatient to paint my tree I had totally forgot to paint my background.


Also I only had a couple of cheap little brushes and that was a lot of white to fill in. Not to worry, I know my kids put off cleaning unless I am standing over top of them.
"Kids have you cleaned up that mess Dusty (Demon Dog) made ripping up little man's mattress?"
Of course not. So the kids collected some foam and we all went to town sponge painting that background.

It looked just as I'm sure you are imagining. T E R R I B L E.

Did I mention it was done in oils?


My poor owls couldn't live there. They would get a complex!
Much Googling later I found it is not wise to paint over oils with acrylics (which I had brought cause you get more for your buck, and face it, I suck at art), as in time it may crack. GRRR!

So I had to start over.


Lucky I am persistent! (which is a much better word than obstinate, which my ex liked to imply) I currently have my Special Art Project - take two, drying in my room. Tune in tomorrow to see the end results!

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