Sunday, 12 August 2012

Morning Tea Break and WIP's

This morning has been Busy. I have been dealing with sick children over the weekend.So this morning has been clean up catch up while the kids are at school.

After sweeping up and mopping out I am enjoying a little break with a cuppa, some choc coconut slice I made yesterday and some hooky time to fit in a couple more rows on my Filet Swap Project.

I am loving this project. This is the first time I have tried filet crochet and it is addictive! I could not find a chart to fit the size project I wanted to make, so I had to design my own. How hard could it be to colour in some tiny squares?
 Well it turns out very, when you can't draw! In the end I pulled up a photo of what I wanted and tried to be as accurate as possible. Ten pieces of graph paper later I have a design that I am very happy with.

I have a lot of trouble trying to divide my crochet time between all my WIP's.

My friendship-ghan squares that need bordering and joined.

This years Bernat CAL. I found out I was moving and never got any further.

A graphghan for my bed. Will be put away until after Christmas.

One completed square and two started for this months Biggest square on the "Ville thread.
 I only have three balls of RHSS and one is carrot. This months Biggest Square specifically asked for no orange. So I sure hope you like blue and brown!
I still need to replace two squares that came back to me from last months biggest square. One was missing and the other destroyed.

A tote I started to pack my afghan away in.
 ...and I still need to make five headbands for Wednesday and start my four afghans for my kids I have promised for christmas. It's summer here then. They won't mind not getting them until winter kicks in next year right?


  1. Love seeing your work Paula!! ~ Abigail1280 from Crochetville

  2. Thanks Abigail! I never knew sharing my work would be so fun. Plus it has the advantage to make sure I finish projects LOL.