Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Surprises in the Post

Today has been a lovely day. This morning I woke up to gorgeous spring-like weather. Which was very surprising as just a few days ago we were getting the cold winds coming from the snow off Barrington Tops. The mountains are too far away to see the snow but it is always felt.
 After I got the boys off to school (both my girls are home sick) I sat outside in my courtyard and enjoyed a morning cuppa.

Not long after that I had a visit from the delivery van. I recieved a nice little package for me from a Florida Fairy God Mother from Crochetville. A very nice lady had sent some gorgeous ami's she had made me as well as some very adorable little stitch markers and a note telling me all about her state. I love hearing about where other people live. The whole package was awesome and I totally fell in love with my ami's. Wanna see them?

They are currently sitting at my kitchen sink.
Aren't the owls just Adorable! My kids have also fallen in love with them and they keep disappearing. I have yet to figure out where they will be permenantly as I need to make sure my naughty puppy doesn't run off with them. Dusty has claimed several of my sons stuffed teddies as his own. He does not rip them up though. He leaves that for my lounge and mattress. Naughty but totally adorable boy.

 Here are some more photo's the girls and I took.

These are my new stitch markers. They are The cutest stitch markers I have ever seen.

Yesterday I recieved a new square for my Friendship-ghan. I knew this one was coming and was very excited for it's arrival. My total square count is now seventeen!It is ever so pretty and came all the way from South Africa! This CAL is so much fun!

I just love visits from the delivery lady! Thank you girls for my parcels :D

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